Fandom: The world that God only knows but then again;


After watching the Anime “The World that God only knows” , the story depicts a Otaku that is obsessed with video games and escapes reality through His gaming activities. The anime asks questions about the world surrounding us , this doesn’t necessarily mean just Otaku culture but culture of obsessive portions and this is because of my shear horror of discovering that an Otaku’s stalk Voice actor’s ?? I was shocked because I couldn’t not believe that Japanese culture was being exploited like this, I have heard many news articles about fandom which the obsession over reality and fantasy are merged to the point of the celebrities are harassed but I always thought that Otaku or anime fan’s where refined individual’s. I think that fans sometimes try to reflect too much of themselves into a character which stories/ narratives allow to do but in reality you need to the know the boundaries of individualism.


Criticism of  Otaku as immature or unable to distinguish the real from the imaginary. But in my experience, there are few individuals more strict about that distinction than the Otaku (pp.227 ,  Robot Ghost and Wired Dreams)

The article states that some Otaku fans are trying to escape reality but this is not a subject that is strictly aimed toward Otaku fan’s, obsession is something that can be apart of any cult/cultural fad. I am talking about collect-ability or ownership: If you bought everything piece of clothing that Audrey Hepburn own in Her life time, You have not suddenly become Audrey Hepburn but You are showing your appreciation to the star, You may have a understanding and appreciation towards that person.

Understanding: What I mean by this is understanding why You like what you like and also understanding that not everyone else appreciates your taste; I think that fandom like religion, You have many different Genre’s in film or with music and not everyone like the same Genre which is a person chose.  Also it is understanding that ownership of a product such as a book or DVD doesn’t mean that you have ownership over the people involved with the production.

It is not easy to locate a sexual object in fiction itself : that represents a taste for something far more direct than we see in fetishism of ordinary fan mania. Many Otaku actually have imagined sexual relationships with their favorite manga and anime protagonist (pp.228,Robot Ghost and Wired Dreams)

This paragraph talks about unnatural attachment which the characters which statistically speaking in every cultism there will be a percentage of people who would refer to themselves to hard-core cultists. now the understanding of cult-dom I thought necessary to explain but never-the -less I don’t  think cultist are effect by the cult chooses to the degree of stalking and harassing their idols. in fact this is a negative reaction to a positive subject, it makes no sense to attract negative emotions towards something you say you love or admire. if you read a book , you enjoy that book but at the very end of that book the was one sentence that you did not like, even though the book was the best book you read and it made you think about society or yourself in a different prospect would you burn that book because of that one sentence. would you tell others that the book is bad because of that one sentence and that they should burn their copy book. this is a childish reaction, so if a celebrity is dating another celebrity why do people reject this notion? you like them for whatever they do whether that is acting or singing ; so why does the person that they date effect you?

The characters of K-on look and act like the actresses that do the voice acting which I found to be  a bit of a bizarre but all Anime are designed so that the viewer can interact with the content on a personal level.  The interesting thing about K-on is that it combined elements to music to the story-line, also the voice actors are musically involved in their real lives and the story seems to represent their interaction with each-other in a everlasting friendship; the story maybe interpreted in many different ways but that would be going off track : prospective vs opinion.  Collecting objects toward the Anime is showing appreciation toward the anime you like but I was shocked to learn that Aki Toyosaki was stalked by an Otaku fan because;

  1. I don’t understand why celebrities that people admire are being attacked for living their lives
  2. I don’t understand why Aki Toyosaki was stalked; if a fan saw her, why not talk to her or ask for an autograph ?
  3. I don’t understand the mentality of the fan; It seems that they were imposing their ideals on Aki Toyosaki and became slightly physiologic because reality was not something that they could accept
  4. I don’t think it matter who a celebrity dates because there will always be someone who has a problem with there chooses
  5.   Celebrity’s have millions of fans so it would be impossible to date everyone of them
  6. The celebrity may be an amazing person but there is no saying that you will ever meet that celebrity in your lifetime so why imposes unnecessary stress there lives when it maybe hard enough ? ( example: Judy Garland)
  7. My understanding of fandom is appreciating the subject that You are interested in so How can a Otaku destroy their merchandise when they find something out that they don’t like? - 47442 air_gear bakuman beck bleach code_geass cosplay d.gray-man death_note hibird leon lucky_star mokona naruto one_piece parody soul_eater xxxholic

There are so many Anime’s to watch, Manga’s to read, Japanese films to see, Pocky to eat, Plush’s to collect long with other memorabilia and costumes to wear. I thought that Otaku loved the products that they buy so how can a Otaku destroy the merchandise that they love so much ?  Where do the boundaries lay for peoples obsessions? When do obsessions become serious or almost threatening ? In theory Otaku’s should love the Stories that they are fans of, they should love the characters in the narratives , they should the love the actor or creator to such amazing products but above all they should love the voice actors in an none creepy homage that doesn’t interfere in the lives because they bring your characters to life.