Loving Technology: When a Man Loves a Robot ???


The series questions the construction of Human identity , not only in relation to the technology that the plot and imagery insistently privilege but  also in relation to the nature of reality itself. Proving more riddles than solutions,the series takes the viewer on a journey into inner and outer reality before ultimately leaving both its character and it’s audience floating in a sea of uncertainty. (pp 108, Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams)

The idea behind any Anime Which has a mecha theme is to design a Robot that captures the audiences imagination and the audience realty merges with the narrative of the Anime series. like any other consumers industry the audience is compelled to buy the merchandise at any cost, Me as a consumer like many other consumers have a type of relationship with the products that I buy, they have a meaning or purpose whether that be a memory of why the individual buys the product or something you remember from your childhood???Disney is a prime example of a global product that has been successful with selling products for generations an will continue to do so for generations to come. Gundam and Transforms are the most widely spread Mecha product that has come from Japan but like Hollywood; Japan also look at the sell ability of Each Anime’s themes and try to make as much profit as possible which is understandable. Fans are paying extra to be apart of a community of people, whom have similar interests to them, this proves there loyalty and obsession to the products but every Cult have there own little rituals that other people that are not apart of the group may think are bizarre.

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The Two Japanese anime under consideration here are no exception Evangelion explores the aspects of human sexuality involving bodily conjoining, intimacy, and penetration/ permeability played out through a cyborg subject. (pp 177, Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams)

Science-fiction media have always been fascinated with the concept of robots that look like humans and now scientists in Japan trying to perfect Human looking robot. Now in cyberpunk Media it is constantly questioning Humans attachment with technology but the irony is amount to Merchandise that surround a concept that is based on obsessive behavior but technology is something that is apart of everyday life and would be impossible to criticize. The internet is a platform that allows the consumer to buy more of what they want, which 10 years ago would have been impossible to purchase and would have had to wait a lot time to purchase.


Cyberpunk: the story of the machine


Akira represents a fusion of contemporary Art – Anime, Manga, cinema, digital graphics. and Cyberpunk narrative- with contemporary themes, addressed to all global audience. the effects of this new  ” global” Japanese Science Fiction continue to propagate (ix, Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams)

Rebellious teenagers and a government that suppress its people; that pretty much sums up Akira but this theme runs though a lot of Japanese narratives. Cyberpunk is a series of different films or Anime’s that express people concerns about technology and the effects it has over society. Gurren Lagann is also about technology taking over the world but none of the society know the effects of technology because like the movie the time machine (1960), where the youth have no idea of the disasters of the past. In Gurren Lagann the youth are not rebellious but they strive for a better tomorrow , It have a more biblical theme like 20th century boys.

The protagonist in Akira ere largely alienated male adolescence typified by Tetsuo (pp104, Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams)


Now cyberpunk is not just about rebellious teenagers , it is also about the government that surround them and in Death Note the teenagers lash out against the government where as in Akira the teenagers are suppressed. In Garren Lagann it is   Kamina who is the sacrificial for humanity and in 20th century boys it is Kenji Endo who is the sacrifice.  the whole point of this is to have a  Christ like figure that guides the other characters to a better tomorrow and this is a theme that even being adapted into live action films.

but he and his gang, in turn, are powerless against schoolteachers, military officers, the colonel, and others, who appear to embody the power structure that lies behind them. the colonel, for his part, is not an icon of Establishment either, and he becomes marginalized in His fight against humanity the correct political authorities. Audiences are generally led to side with the weaker of the pair. (pp163, Robot Ghost and Wired Dreams)


All cyberpunk messages are the same, it is a type of Waring to the future, it is positive message even though the film are negative it is telling the audience the worst case . Cyberpunk story’s are warning of technology as in the effect of technology but Cyberpunk is not just an Asian concerns but a worldwide concept .