The concept of the Female Antagonist:

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In Robot Ghosts and wired Dreams, the author Kotani Mari discusses the female role in society through the prospective of feminism, basically the concept of the female antagonist raises questions about the reasoning behind why is there more female  Ghosts and psychopathic characters in Japanese films?  Every Narrative has a hero and a villain, if you compare the concept of the female role to a film like Snow White you can see similar structures to the female protagonist and antagonist but then again Snow White is an outdated concept. These Japanese films like other films are commenting on power and self awareness;

The female Antagonist in the carved film is the Slit-face Woman, the story is based on a urban legend with the details of the legend vary but the common similarity are that the Slit-faced Woman is a vengeful antagonist who seems fueled by an eternal anger. Fairy-tales or Legends that are aimed to warn children of danger but this legend also is a warning to housewives also .  Most films are a type of warning to females that stray away from their moral duties, the Slit-faced Woman strays away by having an affair and is punished for Her action which result in Her revengeful behavior. The character of the Slit-faced Woman is demonized or a almost unnatural figure who tries to punish society for the way she looks by punishing children in the same way She was. This is an important concept because females are seen to have a natural mothering instinct in society so for a woman to turn against this stereotype it makes this legendary Woman into a monster instantly but in the modern world the concept of the gender roles can be debated.


Audition is also a film where the female antagonist is psychotic but the difference is the narrative is more about unseen danger which has been caused by abuse; The story is a warning against strangers but never- the-less the antagonist is female and a bit  schizophrenic. Asami Yamazaki like the Slit-faced Woman is a character that is trying to regain control that She has appeared to lost but unlike the Slit-Faced Woman , the viewer has more of a concept of Asami Yamazaki’s motives even if  they are bizarre reasoning’s . There is a running theme in Japanese films that have a tainted past, Mitsuko from Battle Royale is described to also had an abusive past and in the film She is the Main female antagonist even though in the Novel or even the Manga there are more Antagonists throughout. This maybe to avoid over glamouring the Antagonists role, even though the characters have been rejected in a sense , they fighting back to gain their normality but unfortunately they are misguided in the end.

The female Antagonist has a strange combination of being both sexualised but at the same time alienated by society in a dresses to kill sense. Throughout all mediums whether it be film or Manga, the  Female Antagonist seem to be a more popular concept , it would seem that is is not just a comment that females can become out of  control but it is also is remarking them as being sexual object’s also.  Basically these characters are not virginal, they are shown to be corrupted or mentally disturbed but still they sexualised to a degree; I think that people are far more complicated than these characters. The female Antagonist’s in these films are questions the female role in society and this is why the role of power is being questioned. You have a conflicting element ‘ which is how the female role in society is perceived, now and how is use to be perceived. But Female Antagonist are important also because the world is imperfect so there has to be imperfect characters and not every character can be virgin-ally  perfect for there would be no plot point.


Eihi Shiina is a good example of the sigma behind the Antagonists because of Her role as the protagonist in Tokyo Gore Police; the audience still refer to her as the psychotic Antagonist subconsciously; this proves that characters are not one dimensional and are far more complicated but at the same time they can be to as sexual objects: Everything depends on the prospect of the viewer. What the article is discussing is the concept that females Antagonists are far more of promiscuous figures and are referred to as being menacing toward society but they all are also determined strong characters.


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